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The Power of Engineering

HZM Power provides equipment and solutions for power energy and digital control applications.

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Innovative Products

Engineering and technological innovations can provide electrification to users more reliably and effectively.
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Experienced Team

Mr. Lin, the company's founder, is an enthusiastic senior engineer who leads the team and actively explores the unknown. He is dedicated to using the power of electrification and digital technology to build the world and improve everyone's quality of life.
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Wide Application

We provide electrical energy management products, solutions and technical support services in various fields such as power grid, commercial customers, industry, infrastructure and public buildings.
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Over 20 Years of Experience

We have quite a mileage of time and experience working with the Chinese power supply market. All of the engineers in the company are power engineer specialists. The founder, Mr Lin, has over 20 years behind living, studying, observing and interacting with the market to supply innovative solutions in the industry.

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Our objective is to be a master of knowledge, a pioneer in manufacturing engineering and technology, achieving sustainable business growth, and consistently meeting the demands of power users.

Meet The Team

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

Lin Cunpeng

General Manager

Lin Xianqin

Internatioanal Sales Manager

Feng Gong

Project Manager

Li Gong

Chief Engineer

HZM factory

Innovation for eco

Brand Stories

HZM Power is motivated by the challenges we face on a daily basis, such as the rapid advancement of technology, environmental pressures, the emergence of digital life, and the requirements of efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing. We deliver dependable, efficient, economical, and sustainable value through ongoing innovation and the pursuit of technology, engineering, and process.

In response to China's "Double Carbon" strategy, we lead energy management and green technology innovation through DAVIDCLOUD Power Generation and Maintenance Cloud, and we accelerate the pace of carbon emission reduction through low-emissions manufacturing and the development of SF6-free or SF6-free switchgear. We create and use the corresponding supporting technologies in the historical process of China's continuous promotion of industrial structure and energy structure adjustment and vigorous development of renewable energy.

HZM's pre-intelligent switchgear and auxiliary intelligent components can provide a package of solutions for these fresh challenges in the energy and new energy sectors, such as High distribution network reliability, energy management for customer projects, the popularity of new energy, energy storage, and micro-grids, as well as other new technical problems that have arisen and been resolved, etc. HZM’s DAVIDCLOUD power generation and maintenance cloud can help customers meet these challenges head-on.